Episode 13 – Optinomicon Chapter 8

It’s been another two weeks. You know what that means: time for another KarakSpeaksTrue episode!

This time, as mentioned in the title bar, it’s another chapter of Optinomicon. Kind of a short one. Only two pages, this episode clocks in just over ten minutes long.

Something different this time around. All of the spoken parts were recorded live, in one take. The only post production was to add in the intro music, outro music and bumpers. And blanking a moment when I cleared my throat (to create a nice spike in Audacity so I knew where to put the bump)

I think it turned out reasonably well… at least as well as Cory Doctorow’s readings of his novella-in-progress There‚Äôs a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow/Now is the Best Time of Your Life

If you think it’s crap and want me to go back to the old way, editing out pauses, slip ups and retakes, let me know!

And so Rak can stop nagging me, I present the fuzzy little bear, as drawn by Dan Vann

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